Mobile Locksmith Hamilton aim to stop you from experiencing a burglary or break-in. How do we do that? We make the entry points that a would-be-burglar would use so strong that they resist the attack and make the would-be-thief think twice about even trying.

For us at Mobile Locksmith Hamilton stopping Burglary is our speciality. We enjoy making it hard for thieves to hurt our clients and their families. Doors and door frames are usually weak enough that a burglar can break in quite easily with kick, a heavy shoulder or a small pry bar. These attacks are common and easily preventable with the right installation. The proper installation will also alert the would-be home invader to the difficulty of breaking in and deter him from trying in the first place.

Here is the order to reinforce a door.

  1. Reinforce a wooden door jamb with a longer and stronger heavy duty security strike plate. This prevents the door frame from breaking at the door jamb can also be used to repair damage from a forced entry after it has occurred.
  2. Install a wrap around sheet metal plate that goes around the edge of the door where the door hardware (the deadbolt and handle) is located. This wrap around plate is sometimes called a door reinforcer. Door reinforcers strengthen a door from splitting out along the edge and can also be used to repair a broken door. This plate is installed under the deadbolt and the door knob, lever or entry set.
  3. For inward swinging residential doors can be fitted with an interlocking latch guard which prevents doors from being pried open and the frame from being spread as it interlocks when the door is closed.
    Outward swinging doors can be fitted with latch guards and full length astragals to prevent prying and to cover the gap where the door meets the frame.

We reinforce doors and repair doors using Door Security  Hardware:

  • We reinforce strike plates and repair broken door jambs with 12″ and 18″ security strike plates
  • We reinforce broken doors with door reinforcers, a wrap around plate that goes around the lock and/or door handle
  • We reinforce doors from prying attempts by installing latch guards on  out-swinging doors and interlocking latch guards on in-swinging doors
  • We secure doors from forced entry by installing heavy duty door guards or door guardians on the inside of in-swinging doors
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